Why are interns so crucial to a business?

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Interns are one of the most invaluable assets that your company can invest in. “Why?” you might ask. Here’s 5 reasons:

  • They’re the future of your company. Interns are all potential full-time employees, so why wouldn’t you take them seriously? Their fresh perspective and thirst to learn are essential ingredients for any company’s innovation. Take advantage of this opportunity and make them feel appreciated for the work that they are doing, so they will want to come back.
  • Your company’s reputation is on the line. If your intern spends the summer making PowerPoint charts, don’t expect a rave review when she takes to social media to broadcast about the experience with friends and family. You get what you invest---and a lack of time and preparation for developing truly meaningful work assignments will deliver bad press and steer away potential employees because you’ve treated their peers poorly. 
  • Interns are undeveloped talent. Many of them enter your company knowing basic skills that they’ve learned in their undergraduate classes, but have never gotten the chance to apply them functionally. By giving them goal-aligned tasks and periodic performance discussions, you can help them enhance skills that will help the productivity of your business. Millennials love change and learning new things, use that in your favor.
  • They’re still excited! And that’s more that can be said about most of your workplace. The latest stats from Gallup reveal only 13% of employees worldwide are truly engaged in their work. Injecting the spirit of energized twenty-somethings into your workplace can be infectious. Let the excitement of working for your company spill over into their work – you’ll love the results and creativity it breeds.
  • They are a pair of fresh eyes. Having trouble marketing something? Haven’t been able to come up with any new ideas on a certain business plan? This is where interns are exceptional. Not only are they relatable to their peers, but they most likely have a totally different perspective then you do. It’s a win-win if they get to participate in a big project and in return you get to learn something new.

Not engaging summer interns is harmful on many fronts. Without engaging them and giving them stimulating tasks to work on as a way of improving themselves, how can you expect them to give you feedback? As I wrote in my Fox Business article 5 Ways to Maximize your Investment in Interns, “The insight gained into a company by a twenty-something (or younger) is invaluable for improving not only how work gets done but also how your company can attract—and be attractive to—tomorrow’s future leaders.”

Without receiving periodic assessments of interns’ progress and experience, you’ll never really know the strengths and weaknesses which factor into being a great place to work. Polling is an exceptional and efficient way to turn feedback into simple analytics that your company can progress from. At Dulye & Co., we offer secure pulse checks that quickly reveal highlights and lowlights of their experience. Our metrics evaluate the factors that most contribute to an engaged employee. The last piece of our analytics is our results reports that provide simple analysis and corrective actions that will benefit your company for the next round of interns, and even your current employees.


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