When natural disasters strike, touch base with remote employees

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The pending Hurricane Irene and Tuesday’s east coast earthquake are triggering a communication must for managers of remote employees. Reach out and directly connect with employees who are traveling, home based or working at remote sites where natural disasters hit.

Regardless of the hurricane category rating or quake size, once a manager is alerted to the news of a natural disaster, he or she should personally place a call to a team member who may be affected. That personal connection speaks volumes and shows that the manager really cares.

This isn’t a task to be passed off to an administrative assistant. Nor is it a message best sent through texting.  Sure, it may be faster and easier to text or email, but the potential impact is diminished.  E-messages can’t fuel the kind of caring emotion or foster the stronger relationship that can emerge from a five-minute, touch-base phone conversation.

Directly hearing a manager’s tone of concern makes an employee feel valued. Plus, an employee will be sure to tell colleagues about his or her personal conversation with the manager. That reputation promotion is priceless.

It packs a powerful magnitude!

For more tips check into our Communicating for Results and Relationships training. Our classroom and webinar sessions help managers effectively communicate with team members in good times and tough ones. Invest a day or a few hours, and you’ll tune up skills for talking about business, encouraging candid conversations, actively listening and recognizing others for a job well done. These skills are the basics for forging positive workplace relationships—and for striking up constructive dialogue that is ongoing, not some random event.


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