What's Your Team's Customer Satisfaction Score?

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These days it seems as if everyone wants to know your opinion. Whether it's a sticker on your pizza box or a phone survey after you call your cable company, the opportunity to provide feedback on your experience has never been greater.
If you customers -- internal clients you support or external customers who buy from you -- were to give you a customer satisfaction score, what would it be? Are you providing your customers a chance to weigh in?
Here are some ways to make sure that you're delivering the quality support your customers demand -- and require:
1. Ask. Take every opportunity to ask your customers if they are getting what they need from your team. After a major project, conduct a debrief in which you probe for what worked well and what didn't. Ask for specific examples of the good and the bad.
2. Measure. Sometimes your customers won't feel comfortable sharing feedback in person. If that's the case, give them a chance to conduct a brief online survey -- just three to five questions should do. You can find many free survey tools online, such as Survey Monkey.
3. Share. Then, in the spirit of continuous improvement, share this information -- comments from customers, data from surveys -- with your team. As always, when you and your team know what customers expect it's much easier to deliver.
Finally, create your own customer satisfaction index. In a staff meeting, discuss the specific areas you're committed to excelling in and identify the metrics you'll use to track it. By giving your team a number to shoot for, you can make customer satisfaction more than just an empty phrase.


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