What are Your Rules for Success?

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If you had to boil-down your recipe for success to just three ingredients, could you do it?

We were reading a recent installment of The New York Times' ongoing "Corner Office" series of leader interviews and were captivated by a story about William D. Green, chairman and CEO of Accenture.

During a three-day training session for new managers, Green counted 68 things that the company told participants they needed to do to be successful – "everything from how you coach and mentor, your annual reviews, filling out these forms," he said. 

At the end of the three days, Green closed the training by emphasizing just three things that matter at Accenture – three! Those were:

  • Competence
  • Confidence
  • Caring

"When young people are looking for clarity — this is a huge, complex global company, and they wonder how to navigate their way through it — I just tell them that," Green said in the article.

Complexity is a given these days but forward-thinkers are always looking for ways to distill complex ideas to their essence. As you begin to review your team's successes and shortcomings, and look ahead to the new year, ask yourself how you could simplify your vision for the team – and then lean on that vision in 2010 to drive a high performance.


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