What are the Worst Leadership Behaviors?

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Thumbs Down.jpgWhat's the worst behavior a manager can have? This question was posed recently in a thought-provoking post on TechRepublic.com.

Naturally, it got us thinking about the many different behaviors we've seen in managers and leaders over the years and a couple leapt to mind:

  • Sending mixed signals. "I have an open-door policy," the leader says. Then how does he explain that his office door is almost always closed -- literally. Or, how about a manager who encourages questions, ideas and other feedback but never acknowledges this input, much less respond to it?


  • Traveling with the entourage. You expect the President of the United States to have a full-scale security detail when he enters a building, but a vice president of operations? Please. Nothing shouts, "I'm a big-time exec" like a grand entrance and an entourage.

In the TechRepublic piece, author Toni Bowers writes about leaders that focus more on the number of direct reports they have than on actually delivering results. Then, of course, there's the leader-as-hero:

The executives want a project completed on an impossible deadline? This manager will enthusiastically commit so she can look like a hero. The fact that the team has to work so many extra hours that they have to reach into the fourth dimension to do it, doesn't seem to bother her. That she can then go back to the big table with the completed project after stepping over the overworked corpses of her overworked programmers doesn't register on her radar.

Do you recognize your manager in these descriptions? Worse yet, do you recognize yourself? If you see some of your behavior in this article, don't fret: there's time to course correct your management style and become a more collaborative and interactive leader. You’ll find practical tips and tools to guide you in our Spectator-Free Newsletters and Podcasts portfolio at Dulye.com. What do you think is the worst behavior a manager or leader can possess? Leave a comment here.


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