View Feedback As A Gift

Linda Dulye's picture

It’s natural to wince at the term “employee feedback,” but for every complaint about the break room temperature, there could be two or three more suggestions that can help you improve how your organization performs and meets its goals.

Change how you view feedback and you’ll transform the value you get from it.

  • Be gracious. At some point, we’ve all unwrapped a gift only to discover something we wouldn’t use, wear or buy for ourselves, right? You wouldn’t say, “Wow, I don’t like this” to the person who gave you the gift, so you shouldn’t shoot down ideas and other feedback from employees, either. Accept the feedback as you would a gift; even if that means setting it aside for a while before realizing its value.
  • Be open-minded. Just because a friend or relative has a track record of quirky gift giving doesn’t mean you suddenly stop accepting gifts. Same goes for feedback from a regular provider of comments. When an employee approaches with an idea, don’t pre-judge it. Listen carefully and respond appropriately. As tempting as it may be to shut down an outspoken person, always take the high road.
  • Say Thank You. Not everyone feels comfortable sharing feedback. So while it’s important to say thanks to everyone that weighs in on a topic, it’s especially important to thank employees who step out of their comfort zone and speak up.


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