Use Video to Breathe Life into Email Newsletters

Linda Dulye's picture

As much as communications vehicles have evolved (or vanished) over the past decade or so, the newsletter has stood the test of time.

Now primarily an email or Web-based channel, the newsletter can still be a powerful – but only if you integrate new media and avoid text-heavy content.

With the accessibility, simplicity and high quality of personal video recorders, you can easily incorporate video segments into your email newsletter and make it dramatically more engaging.

Here are some ways to add video:

Leader interviews. The Q&A interview with leaders is a staple in corporate news but it doesn't have to be a written article. Interview key organizational players on video to bring the content and the subject to life.

Company events. Capture the mood and energy of corporate events from Town Hall meetings to holiday events. Combined with photos, a video can tell a more vivid story.

Key announcements. Is anything more dry than a quarterly earnings press release? Engage employees in the company's financial performance by talking with the CFO or CEO about what the earnings mean to the front line.


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