Use SMS to Capture Questions at Your Next Employee Meeting

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Are you using all the technology available to you to receive employee feedback? I know what you're thinking: Do we actually need more channels for feedback? The answer is yes, if you use these new avenues strategically.
We got to thinking about this recently at an Arizona Diamondbacks baseball game. The National League club posted two enormous banners in opposite corners of the ballpark providing fans with a way to report unruly spectators in their area. We've included a photo here. Using SMS (a.k.a., text messaging) fans can send stadium security a message with section and row information.
Talk about instant feedback. If someone's causing trouble in your section, you can have security there with just a few taps on your cell phone. How could this apply to organizational communications?
Imagine setting up specific SMS numbers for instant polling during a Town Hall Meeting. Or, using that same approach, you could take questions from employees during that same meeting. If you're doing a satellite meeting or other virtual meeting, you could establish a number for each location to submit questions – and it can be done anonymously.
This could add an entirely new dimension to your employee events, allowing even the most introverted employees a chance to submit a question while they attend the meeting.
Communications technology is evolving remarkably fast. Don't be too quick to judge it as burden. Instead, use it to your advantage. 


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