Track Progress Through Real-Time Measurement

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DashboardExample.jpgAt Dulye & Co. we’re fanatical about measuring outcomes and tracking progress of initiatives.

Lately our clients have recognized the need to effectively track progress of new programs and processes -- not wait a year to report the outcomes.

Our answer, of course, is to measure what matters. In the past we’ve talked about the power of dashboards and how they can help you articulate complex messages, simply.

We believe a dashboard approach can help not only track progress but also tell the story of that progress.

Here are some tips to get started:

  • Pinpoint the progress you want to track. Look at the data you want to share and build a dashboard of your most critical key performance indicators (KPI). Identify the data you want to collect on a regular basis -- monthly, quarterly or annually -- and replace it with a real-time dashboard and track it continuously.
  • Share the data. Once you've got real-time data in hand, show it to leaders. Allow them to see how you're able to track employee engagement within days not months or years.
  • Keep it simple. Make your dashboard incredibly simple and clean. If it looks like a dozen PowerPoint slides crammed into a single web page, try again. Start by clarifying your KPI -- what matters most?

Click here to see a sample dashboard.

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