Today's Big Challenge for Managers

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A popular question that we were asked at the IABC Global Conference last month was: What is the biggest challenge facing managers? Talk about a timely question. Today's managers are stretched thin -- and will continue to be as few companies have ramped up hiring.

The big challenge for managers is that they don't have a game plan for being a key communicator within their organization. Overcoming this challenge will require an investment by managers to grapple with concepts and practices that might be way out of their comfort zone. That investment, of course, is time.

Remember, employees look first to their manager for news, guidance and context. This is where professional communicators can -- and must -- help managers and supervisors answer these four questions:

  • What is effective communications?
  • Why is it valuable to me and my team?
  • Who owns communication to my team?
  • What is my role?

With answers to these questions, a manager will have the framework on which to build a sound game plan for communications -- and be prepared to face today's biggest challenge head-on.

Speaking of the IABC Conference, Dulye & Co. and our client Ginger Kuenzel of Thermo Fisher Scientific (above, center, flanked by Linda Dulye and Bev Pierce of Dulye & Co.) received a Gold Quill Award, the global awards competition recognizing outstanding achievement in communication sponsored by IABC, for Thermo Fisher Scientific's “Transforming Town Hall Meetings to Ensure More Involved and Engaged Employees”.

Read this case study to glean more tips for improving manager communications.


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