Time to Recalibrate Your 2010 Plans?

Linda Dulye's picture
The blur you just saw whiz past you? That was the first quarter of the year, gone in a flash. As we thaw out from a long winter it’s a good time to check on those seeds we planted at the beginning of the year. Are they still the right crop to harvest this year or should you rethink it?
As Q1 fades into Q2, it’s the perfect time to review your plans for 2010. After all, a lot can change in three months. But sometimes it’s hard to know for sure if you need a course correction or should stay on the path. Try these three tips for confirming that your plans remain relevant:
  • Check your goals. Take stock of your team’s goals for the first quarter. Did you exceed any? Fall short. Do an honest assessment.
  • Talk to your team. In your next staff meeting, review your goals and then ask your group if they still make sense given what’s happened in Q1.
  • Recalibrate, if necessary. Based on your own assessment and the input from your team, refine your goals if it makes sense. Then, share the new roadmap with your leaders, internal clients and, of course, your staff.

The pace of change is at warp speed these days. Don’t be afraid to apply the brakes and make sure you’re on the right road. 


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