Three Tips for Capturing Customer Feedback

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If you’re in a customer-service industry – and who among us isn’t these days? – you should be seeking feedback from your customers at every turn.

Sometimes, though, you might find yourself receiving insight from a customer when you least expect it.

Here are three ideas for capturing this feedback on the fly:

  • Record it. Do you have a pocket audio recorder or mini video camera? Don’t laugh. These tools are becoming more common in the workplace as new media takes hold. If you’re meeting with a customer, record it and play it back for the team when you’re back at the office.


  • Email it. Take a few minutes to recap your customer’s input in a post on your blog. Don’t have a blog? Then send out an email with the feedback and any corrective actions required because of it. If the customer gives kudos to a specific staff member make sure to highlight that as well.


  • Forward it. If the feedback comes in a voicemail message or an email, if appropriate, forward the message to your team and append it with your comments.


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