Take Your Career to a Higher Level: Find a Mentor

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As an organizational leader, you are expected to provide advice and coaching to your team to improve productivity and achieve team goals, but also to help develop team members for more challenging work. That’s part of the job.

But what about you? Who’s coaching you to elevate your game at work? Even though you might be on track for a long and productive career you still could benefit from a coach or mentor who’s walked the same path. After all, your team members look to you for guidance, either about the task at hand or developing their career.

C-suite leaders often have executive coaches that help them navigate the terrain of the boardroom. Perhaps it’s time for you to identify someone who can make you more effective in your work – so that you can someday pass it on to another.

Don’t limit yourself to mentors in your same discipline. You can gain excellent insights from leaders and mentors who come from different areas and levels of the business. Think big picture: If you’re in product development, pair-up with someone from HR or Finance or Sales. If you’re in HR and driving recruitment programs, think about teaming up with a recent college grad who has joined the firm. Remember, you want someone who can help you grow your perspectives, as well as your professional skills.

Create some urgency for this idea by attaching a deadline to it. Commit to selecting your coach or mentor by the end of this month so you can head into the new year with enthusiasm.


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