Take a Cue from NFL Commissioner and Score Big With Employees

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If you’re a sports fan like me, chances are you’re gearing up for this weekend’s Super Bowl showdown between the New York Giants and the New England Patriots. The rematch between these two rivals is expected to draw a record global audience and advertising frenzy.

One of the biggest players in the game, however, won’t be doning a helmut or shoulder pads. He’s Roger Goodell, the NFL’s Commissioner.                                            

Recently, “60 Minutes” aired an interview with Goodell, an extremely likeable guy whose love of the football spans his lifetime. Goodell makes $10 million a year to oversee the NFL’s 32-franchise, business machine that generates $10 billion in annual revenues. He’s a highly-respected CEO with a proven success record honed by some fundamental communication skills.
Despite being  a tireless road warrior with an overbooked daily calendar, Goodell makes time and takes the time to engage with the employees and customers who ultimately drive the profits of his organization. He listens and learns while he leads.



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