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MattCuttsThe most successful leaders are the ones that are always on the lookout for new approaches and strategies to motivate their employees and deliver meaningful results for the organization.
It’s not easy though to actually create and stick to new habits in the workplace. After all, just keeping up with the “have-to-do” leaves little time for the “nice-to-do” activities.
But you can do it.
We were inspired by a brief presentation by Google’s Matt Cutts at TED 2011 titled “Try something new for 30 days” and new that his ideas could be applied to our work, too. Here are some suggestions to get you started on your 30-Day Leadership Challenge:
  • Be an early bird. Get to the office an hour earlier than normal and enjoy getting a head start on your day, your email inbox and your task list.
  • Get outside of your bubble. Take a few moments each day to meet or connect with someone new in the organization. Send an introductory email to a colleague. Attend an association lunch or meeting. Share best practices with colleagues from another location.
  • Boost responsiveness. Don’t let your inbox fill up every day and leave others waiting for a reply. Commit to same-day response times -- 24 hours at most.
  • Send a personal note. Push away the keyboard and pull out a piece of paper once a day to give thanks, encouragement or kudos to a direct report or colleague.
These are just off the top of our head. The bottom line is we all have habits we want to break and new pnese we want to forge. Why not start now?
Watch Matt Cutts’ video and start thinking about your challenge.


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