Tackling Two Monumental Challenges: Engagement and Meetings

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It seems the nation’s top human resource executives are having a hard time getting a good night’s sleep – and for good reason.

In a new survey of nearly 800 Human Resources executives, 74% said their job stress level has skyrocketed in the past 18 months due to several key concerns including retaining top talent, developing leaders and controlling health care costs.


But above all else, keeping employees engaged and productive was rated the biggest workplace challenge by those surveyed.  That’s a repeat performance, as 2010 survey results had engagement in the top spot as well. The survey, titled “What’s Keeping HR Leaders Up at Night,” is conducted by Human Resources Executive, a leading publication in the HR arena.


Employee engagement is a huge issue at companies—big and small, but the good news is, it doesn’t have to be.  


Just to give you a little perspective, my firm worked with a global, high tech company on ways to improve employee meetings. A quarterly, town hall process was underway at most of the firm’s 300 sites, but research showed lackluster results for generating interest or excitement among employees.


Read more: http://smallbusiness.foxbusiness.com/legal-hr/2011/09/15/tackling-two-monumental-challenges-engagement-and-meetings/#ixzz1Y2PPpX4c


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