Syracuse University Career Conversation Success!

As you may recall, before the Thanksgiving break, Linda Dulye visited the College of Arts and Sciences at Syracuse University, to facilitate a Career Conversation that focused on how students pursuing a liberal arts degree can achieve career success.
The event was well-attended as nearly 80 students turned out to hear from Linda Dulye ’77, an alumna of the College!
We asked some of the students in attendance to share what they learned during the event. To hear what they had to say, click here.
And, to hear Linda’s advice to liberal arts students, click here.

Hear what others had to say:

"Your reflections were pertinent to more than the young people who eagerly absorbed your wisdom and candor; as a woman at 61 who has encountered many “lightning bolts,” I returned from campus affirmed and charged with energy to continue to pursue consulting work and the services I offer to various departments at Syracuse and the world at large." --SU Faculty Member

"Although the presentation was initially geared towards those intending to graduate with College of Arts & Science degrees, I learned a lot from your stories and expertise. I spoke with you afterwards briefly about my passion to help others and seeing them succeed in relation to the "I am" statement. Thank you for helping us to further understand the importance of branding ourselves not only as professionals but as individuals navigating our lives through human interaction and an open mind." --Student, B.S. Information Management & Technology | School of Information Studies, Syracuse University ‘15

"It's refreshing to hear about the work force and what they are looking for because ever since I started thinking about graduate school, people stopped showing me options other than that. Being at your session made me curious and interested me in the industries that I could get involved in with my major in Neuroscience/Biology" --Student, College of Arts and Sciences | Neuroscience/Biology ILM, Syracuse University '16



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