Survey: Employee engagement is top challenge for 2013


Dulye & Co.'s recent Research on Employee Engagement was recently featured in Ragan Communications website publication. Read below for an excerpt and link to the full article:

Survey: Employee engagement is top challenge for 2013
By Russell Working | Posted: October 19, 2012
Call it the Great Cafeteria Butter Rebellion.

A company was restructuring, and the execs held a town hall meeting to lay out strategic decisions and discuss shifting business lines.
"Any questions?" a bigwig asked the employees.
The first: "Why is the cafeteria now charging for butter?"
The question demonstrates why employee engagement is essential, says Linda Dulye, president of Dulye & Co., a workplace communication consultancy that has released a new survey highlighting trends in employee engagement.
"What did those charges [for butter] do?" Dulye says. "They really, really ticked people off at a time when budgets were getting squeezed—doing more with less. [Employees thought,] 'Now I gotta go to the cafeteria and I gotta pay for butter?'"
Stories like that could explain why communicators say employee engagement is their top challenge for 2013, Dulye's new survey reports. But the survey exposed a gap between how communication professionals view the needs in their organizations and their leaders' priorities.
A breakdown by job title suggested the origins of that schism. When asked for their top priorities for the next year, 54 percent of specialists and 43 percent of managers listed employee engagement, making it the top goal overall. For directors, engagement drew...

Read the full article here.

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