Streamline Communications Data with a Dashboard

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DashboardExample.jpgSince our recent webcast, Change Communications: Crash Course for Preparing Managers, we've received lots of interest around the concept of dashboards.

What we're hearing is that communicators have a tremendous interest in the simplicity and practicality of the dashboard model.

Traditionally, dashboards are used by sales organizations, call center operations and other internal groups where real-time data is mission critical to the function of the department.

Today, however, communicators can tap into this streamlined model and present powerful data to organizational leaders to drive employee engagement. The most common question we've heard from our webcast participants: How I get started? Here are some tips:

  • Transform current metrics. Look at your current employee survey data and instead of working through your typical data reporting process, build a dashboard of your most critical key performance indicators (KPI). Pinpoint the data you want to collect on a regular basis -- monthly, quarterly or annually -- and replace it with a real-time dashboard and track it continuously. Fact is, it's no longer acceptable to wait 30 days to report your data.

  • Share the data. Once you've got real-time data in hand, show it to leaders. Allow them to see how you're able to track employee engagement within days not months or years.

  • Less is more. Make your dashboard incredibly simple and clean. If it looks like a dozen PowerPoint slides crammed into a single web page, try again. Start by clarifying your KPI -- what matters most?

We hope you'll contact us ( | 845-987-7744) to take advantage of your complimentary 60-minute consulting session to apply the lessons of this webcast to your organization's specific change communication and manager engagement needs.


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