So, What’s Your Plan B?

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PlanBIt’s been a bad few weeks for cloud computing services. The most prominent news story was the outage of Amazon’s EC2 service that brought down prominent websites ranging from The New York Times to Foursquare to Reddit. What does this mean to you?

As we see it, the outage should remind leaders that it never hurts to have a Plan B.

Even if your team or organization doesn’t rely on the cloud, there are plenty of scenarios that could result in a major headache – or worse without a backup plan. Here are just a few that come to mind:


  • The conferencing service you use for a Town Hall meeting or other important event goes down. How will participants connect with the call?


  • A key member of your team becomes ill on the day of an important presentation. Who can step in and deliver the talk effectively?


  • An executive cancels at the last minute an appearance at an event or meeting. Do you have a replacement on call?

You can’t foresee every potential problem but there are many that you can anticipate. Whether it’s a significant event or a routine process, give some thought to how you’d respond if things went awry. And the meantime, don’t forget to backup your data.


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