Six Months In, How's Your Strategy Working?

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And just like that, 2010 is half over.

Depending on your perspective it's been a long haul or a blink of an eye. No matter how the first six months of the year went by, it's time to revisit a practice we believe is essential to effective individual and team performance: a regular review.

Most organizations have established procedures for conducting annual or semi-annual performance reviews, but we're not referring to your review of your team (we'll assume for the purpose of this article that you're already doing that.) We're talking about a review of your personal strategy for 2010.

You owe it to yourself to reflect on the following key areas:

  • Personal development goals. Remember those ambitious plans you set for yourself in January -- finding a mentor, attending a workshop? How many have you achieved? What will it take to accomplish them between now and December?
  • Career goals. Have you been able to translate on-the-job experience into a new skill set? Don't short-change yourself. Also, look for new opportunities to develop experiences and skills that will prepare you for your next role.
  • Team goals. What objectives did you establish for your team in 2010? Are you living up to your commitments to your staff?

Carving out the time to do this kind of review might sound like a luxury you can't afford given your hectic schedule. But we'll bet that if you look closely enough at that Outlook calendar, you'll find an hour somewhere in the next week or so that you can set aside for yourself.

You'll be glad you did.


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