Creating a Spectator-Free Workplace with SharePoint

Has your organization purchased Microsoft's breakthrough Office SharePoint Server technology? It's been called the "killer application" for employees to collaborate efficiently with team members, yet many organizations have not developed the proper communication strategy for fully achieving this potential benefit. Are you aware of SharePoint's capabilities to transform your intranet platform, deploy social media, or drive employee engagement and collaboration throughout the enterprise? 

Dulye & Co. offers Spectator-Free Workplace solutions that empower leaders in these new connected environments to find a return on their investment in SharePoint.

Our diverse team of communication and technology strategists provide a customized Spectator-Free Workplace "game plan" that maximizes SharePoint's capabilities for integrated 2-way communications, new media content delivery, analytics, and customized messaging.


Examples of Dulye & Co. services for enterprises using SharePoint:

  • Developed online communications strategy for VP-led reorganization that integrated new media and social technologies with traditional leadership messaging
  • Initiated leadership blogging program and provided ongoing message support to overcome "blog fatigue"
  • Set up a hassle-free solution for leadership podcasting that allowed leaders to record short podcast messages by phone at their convenience
  • Launched employee forums to make more informed decisions, encourage the free exchange of ideas and discuss pressing business issues
  • Delivered custom training for leadership and management to use SharePoint to build efficiencies into their daily work routines
  • Managed online communications effectiveness analytics program with weekly reports and course corrections
  • Deployed a strategy to increase employee retention, morale and productivity while positioning the intranet as a talent acquisition tool
  • Leveraged strategy for micro-blogging communication tool (like Twitter) to create an immediate sounding board for ideas and a best practice crisis management communication model
  • Implemented a strategic plan to integrate Sharepoint's social media tools (the personal MySite portal, blogs, podcasts, and wikis) to drive employee engagement and consensual decision-making 
  • Executed a communication strategy to establish the intranet as a credible and primary information source that drives 2-way communication and senior leadership transparency
  • Designed policies for intranet governance, content and usability structure that fostered collaboration and employee buy-in


A partnership that works for your company

Dulye & Co.'s family of clients include Fortune 50 enterprises that operate some of the most advanced technology and high-security environments in the world. We have extensive experience providing solutions within these complex environments, working hand-in-hand with IT departments to seamlessly support the team, or working tightly with internal agents to facilitate program activities. We speak the language of every department – yes, even IT – and have the determination to get results regardless of the organizational structure or culture.


Customer testimonial

“There’s always been a disconnect between plan and execution in this organization. We knew we had to communicate but didn’t know how to and it got buried under the next task. Now we have the plan and the know how to get done what we need to.”

-Hal Bagley, Vice President of Process Excellence, Lockheed Martin Space Systems on the integrated online (SharePoint) and offline communications program we implemented for his organization.


Getting started

With any technology-focused change effort, it's important to start small while thinking big. Call us today for a discussion about how we can guide you through those first few small steps on your way to the big things ahead.

Contact Linda Dulye (201) 532-0118.

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