Set Tone for the New Year: Recognize 2010 Achievements

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bullseye.jpgLike everyone else, your team reads the headlines and understands how tough the economy is today. It's certainly easy to focus on the negative but now, perhaps more than any other time of the year, your team needs to be inspired. Not only that, but praised and recognized for standout performance in a tough times.

One way you can do this is by transforming the final staff meeting of the year into one in which you highlight significant team accomplishments of 2010 and turn the spotlight on outstanding individual efforts by specific members of your team. This will take some preparation and reflection on your part to be prepared, but the investment will payoff big time.

There are two approaches you can take. The first involves you identifying the game-changing initiatives your team put in place during the year. Perhaps you rank them in a Top 5 or Top 10 list and share them with the team.

Another approach would be to ask your team to rank the top five to 10 projects and send them to you in an email. Don't tell them what it's for -- just capture the input and report it back to them in your final 2010 team meeting. After you've shared the team's top-ranked achievements, unveil your own. Have a fun discussion about any differences in the rankings.

Finally, go around the table and personally recognize and thank each team member for their contributions. Think of specific examples that show the entire team that you're paying attention throughout the year -- and have a deep appreciation for their hard work.

In a time when so much of the news has been a downer, just a little bit of effort on your part can end the year on a high note.


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