Q4 is Here! Now What?

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businessmanWithMap.jpgIn January, few things seem as far off in the distance as the fourth quarter.

Nevertheless, here it is.

We're still waiting for the economy to show more than mere statistical glimpses of recovery and so your employees are likely looking at 2011 with trepidation.

What's an organization to do when a sluggish business climate extends from one year to the next? Here are three must-dos from the leadership playbook:

  1. Remain visible. If the executive team goes missing in action, you can bet the workforce will become anxious and productivity will plummet. Invisibility won't inspire confidence.

  2. Keep managers in the loop. Employees look to their managers for information. If the managers are left in the dark, you can bet employees will become suspicious and disengaged. Use multiple media sources to expand managers' knowledge about developments at the enterprise and division levels.

  3. Seek out and respond to employee feedback. You might not be able to answer every question, but answer the ones you can promptly. Sincere listening matters most. Employees want to know that their voice really is heard.

The challenges of today's business climate are unprecedented and the rules are constantly shifting. But you can still engage in sound, time-tested communications practices to keep your team focused.


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