Pulse-Check Your Message through Real-Time Polling

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At Dulye & Co., we believe the only way to determine if your communications or change efforts are moving the needle is to capture data as frequently as possible. Our best-practice approach to designing all-hands meetings that work centers around collecting feedback from attendees before they leave a meeting. Over time, we’ve watched feedback mechanisms evolve from the tried-and-true paper and pen method to Web-based surveys and polls.

Now you don’t have to wait until after the meeting to gauge the effectiveness of your message. Using SMS, or text messaging, you can do a pulse check in real time. The possibilities are tremendous. Imagine conducting a town hall meeting about a major acquisition and stopping halfway through to gather input on what you’ve shared so far.

Walking in, you might have expected employee questions or concerns on one or two facets of your message. But through a quick text-message poll, you might discover employees are more interested in areas you hadn’t anticipated. Armed with this data you can pivot the discussion to what’s really on employees’ minds and address it head on – and not be hindered by feedback you receive after the meeting ends.

Does this mean that the feedback form is obsolete? Not at all. We believe both are valuable and that both should be implemented. As a leader, you should always be looking for new ways to capture feedback. Taking advantage of tools like SMS polling can only help.

You can find many providers online by plugging “SMS polling” into your search engine.

If you use this technique in your organization, drop us a line and share your story. We’re eager to hear case studies from the field.


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