Pulse Check Measurement

Go Spectator-Free™ with Dulye & Co. Stats and Scoreboards. 

Measurement.  It’s the language of the business world.  It’s our language too at Dulye & Co.

Our Spectator-Free Workplace™ solutions include proven measurement tools, like employee surveys and polls, that get a pulse on the workforce dynamics that advance company goals and satisfy customers.

We treat surveys as a powerful communication platform—and a springboard for workforce planning. Hard data about workforce performance should be readily available and easy to use. We make that possible by:

  • Using large-scale surveys, quick polling, visual dashboards and other measurement techniques that evaluate effectiveness and show impact. 
  • Expertly framing questions to measure practices that matter to improvement initiatives and overall performance goals.
  • Developing creative, non-intrusive ways to get widespread employee participation.
  • Providing clear analysis of results for future planning and improvement. 

We can collect data using online, paper, phone, and mobile methods—our surveys are optimized for iPhone and BlackBerry screen sizes—and we have extensive experience working in complex and geographically distributed workplaces. Our visual dashboards display data in a way that your entire workforce can understand and appreciate, from front-line associates to senior executives.

Finally, we just don’t throw data over the transom and walk away. Included with our expert analysis are Corrective Action Plans for responsible follow-up. We use action planning methodology to engage senior leaders and front-line associates on finding solutions together and improving. And we help people stay accountable with tracking and reporting systems that align with intact review processes.

Learn about Instant Insight™! Our unique measurement program that delivers hard results, simple analysis and actionable improvements—fast! No lost time on cumbersome analytics, demographic sorts and statistical reviews.

Contact Bev Pierce at Dulye & Co., bpierce@dulye.com or 708-788-6204, for details today!