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Podcasts – done right – can boost interest, inspire questions and cultivate ideas among team members. How can you make them a useful communication practice that triggers repeat listeners? Try these tips for pumping life into your existing podcast or when launching your program.


  • Rotating hosts. Consistency is a good thing in podcasts but in organizations consistency is hard to manage, particularly if you’re relying on senior leaders to host your podcast. Travel schedules and other commitments often mean you’re left scrambling to find a host. Avoid this by setting a monthly or quarterly schedule for your roster of hosts. Beyond the logistical issues around having a single host, mixing up your narrator gives listeners an opportunity to hear from leaders they might not know, while the leaders can introduce themselves to an entirely new audience.
  • Leader-to-leader interviews. It might seem logical to have a communications staffer serve as a host for podcasts that rely on interview-style formats. Instead, try this: have a VP of Engineering interview the VP of Human Resources about a new performance-management system. Or, have the CFO interview the VP of Sales to learn more about the market for your company’s products and services. Whenever possible, avoid giving the leaders talking points to use; the more natural the discussion, the more engaging the podcast will be for listeners.
  • Live reporting. Does your company host an annual event or conference for leaders? Why not assign a reporter from your team to attend the meeting and record interviews with leaders after each session? Ask for their thoughts on the topics, how it might impact their specific organization or what employees should know so they can prepare for any changes.


The bottom line on any effective podcast is that it’s real. Sometimes you can’t avoid having an episode in which the host reads a script or talking points. But when you can, ditch the script and let your hosts talk naturally and casually – and watch the audience become more engaged in the podcast and in their day-to-day work.

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