Manager Training for 2021 Conscious Connectivity--A New Way of Leading through Uncertainty

The unvertainty that COVID-19 has brought to the business environment has made fostering employee engagement particularly challenging. The realities of remote work, social distancing and increasingly blurred work-life boundaries present hurdles that can hinder employee connection and communication.

What can managers do to keep team members connected and motivated?

Upgrade your critical skills as a connector and coach with the five-step engagement model: Conscious Connectivity©: A New Way of Leading through Uncertainty. Designed for managers in organizations large or small, this virtual, learning experience delivers immediately applicable tools to:

  • Break through awkward silence and stimulate meaningful conversations
  • Create shared ownership of team meeting agendas
  • Promote a supportive environment for exchanging ideas, questions and concerns
  • Hone small talk skills
  • Leverage video and multi-media platforms for building relationships, especially as new members join teams.

The Conscious Connectivity© training program is particularly ideal for companies in transition or crisis. Dulye & Co. will customize exercises and participant action plans to support an organization’s 2021 goals.

Training is designed entirely for virtual platforms with company groups of up to 20 members. The program includes a live, interactive webinar plus periodic check-ins to keep skills and accountability sharp.

For more information contact Nicole Laureyns, Operations Assistant,


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