Linda Dulye is teaming up with IABC/Harrisburg on upcoming webinar!



Employee engagement may be a hot topic in the conference circuit, but it appears to be missing from most executives’ radar screens, according to results of the 2015 Workplace

Trends Poll conducted by workplace communication consultancy Dulye & Co., in partnership with the International Association of Business Communicators. Learn how to get—and sustain—your executive leaders’ attention on engagement initiatives in a webinar by leading workplace communications and engagement expert Linda Dulye, president and founder of Dulye & Co.

Engagement failed to rank in the top five business challenges of company leaders—a stark contrast to the first-place rating it received by the record-setting 210 communication professionals who completed the poll. As a result, most leaders are spectators to engagement initiatives, rather than champions who willingly invest their time, energy, and budget to achieve success.

Register now for this live, interactive webinar and learn how to:

  • Demonstrate the value of employee engagement to your company’s leaders
  • Build leaders’ capabilities for genuinely connecting with associates in words and actions
  • Regularly poll for direct feedback on progress
  • Keep leaders interested and accountable.

Sponsored by the Harrisburg Chapter of the International Association of Business Communicators.

Cost: IABC members are encouraged to join this exclusive IABC webinar at no charge as a thank you for their continued support. IABC/Harrisburg offers non-members the opportunity to benefit from Linda's knowledge and experience at a cost of $35. All proceeds will support IABC/Harrisburg.





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