Linda Dulye to present for second year in a row at PRSA Connect 15 Conference

When communication breaks down, who you gonna call?

For most organizations, it's the Corp Comm Team. But that's yesterday's approach. Stand-out companies turn to front-line associates for ideas on how to better connect people and improve their morale. The best solutions are waiting to be mined levels below the C-Suite. The time is right for communication professionals to guide executives to trust and tap this priceless talent pool.

Avenues New York Executive Lauren Bedell joins Dulye & Co. Founder Linda Dulye to deliver an interactive session, "Engagement Case Study:  Strategies that Bring Out the Best—in Employees and Workplace Communication," at this year's PRSA Connect 15 Conference in Chicago, IL, May 18-19.

How do you get front-line associates to solve big workplace challenges?

At Avenues New York, cross-department communication hit potholes. Rather than mine solutions at executive levels, recommendations percolated from an empowered employee team. Trained in problem solving and armed with hard data, this ad-hoc team canvased co-workers for ideas and held regular dialogues with senior leaders as part of a game plan for improving how people connect with each other and the business.  

Avenues New York Executive Lauren Bedell joins Dulye & Co. Founder Linda Dulye to deliver an interactive two-part session that showcases strategies for engaging leaders and employees to be advocates and partners for making day-to-day communication and work relationships better.

Part 1: Identify the business need. Create ownership and the change strategy:

  • Use data to uncover critical issues and cement senior leaders’ interest
  • Coach senior leaders to let go and empower employees
  • Help employees take action and feel valued
  • Train employees to learn the business and act like business owners
  • Develop a strategic plan for real change from the bottom up

Part 2: Execute the strategy. Expand ownership. Sustain momentum:

  • Create new working relationships between employees and senior leaders
  • Introduce improvements and enlist buy-in
  • Build capabilities and skills at all levels to support improvements
  • Stay focused on the plan
  • Evaluate progress from real data, not presumptions.

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