Linda Dulye’s 2014 IABC Heritage Region Conference Session Earns Rave Reviews!

Dulye & Co. President & Founder Linda Dulye's session "7 Strategies that Get Leaders to Communicate" earns rave reviews and high marks at the 2014 International Association of Business Communicators Regional Conference. At this session, attendees learned concrete strategies for getting leaders out of the stands to build a spectator-free workplace™ where open, two-way communication with employees truly thrives. Linda Dulye’s practical models and tools showed attendees how to:

  • Collect hard data about the effectiveness of day-to-day communications
  • Coach top leaders to value and invest in strategic communications
  • Build leaders’ capabilities and confidence to communicate
  • Inject discipline and responsiveness into communication practices
  • Unclog feedback mechanisms and increase their use by company executives
  • Track progress and hold accountability.

Here's what attendees had to say:

  • Linda has wonderful presentation style!
  • This was so helpful.
  • Thankyou, very informative, great presence.
  • Outstanding.
  • Grateful that Linda provided the "how".
  • Linda was off-the-charts excellent!  I'll start to implement her ideas like asking people "what's the one question that is buzzing in your head?" 
  • Linda was excellent!  Thank you.
  • She's one of the best. Very practical and actionable advice.
  • Absolutely Fab! Too often there are no practical approaches—this presentation had it in abundance.





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