Lessons from News Corp. and … Marie Callender's?

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Over the past few weeks a pair of business stories caught our eye, one an evolving global scandal, the other a smaller-scale issue impacting markets around the U.S.

This first is the saga surrounding News Corporations' The News of the World newspaper – and its near-immediate closure. It's been juicy reading for media watchers the world over, and of particular interest to those who root against Rupert Murdoch, News Corp.'s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

The second story centers on the closure of nearly 60 Marie Callender's restaurants nationwide. On the surface it doesn't appear to be much of a story; retailers and restaurant chains have been shutting down almost routinely during the economic downturn. What makes this particular chain noteworthy is that some of the restaurants were closed for good while customers were eating.

It was nearly 3 p.m. when assistant manager Mapp Chhim got the order from corporate to carry out the grim task.

"They asked me to close the door and ask all my guests to leave, and then gather all the employees and break the bad news that they no longer have a job," Chhim said.

Chhim has worked at Marie Callender's for 11 years. He said he had no warning the restaurant was closing and he feels horrible for his 45 employees.

Managers at News of the World were left with little time – and at Marie Callendar's, none at all – to prepare employees for the sudden change.

We wondered how many of you have been faced with a similar scenario. Have you ever had to shut the doors on a business or facility at a moment's notice? How did you handle it?

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