Key Success Factors: Trust and an Open Mind

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Every leader seeks a path to success and once they discover that path, virtually every leader looks to put their own mark on it. That's what makes us such passionate observers of leadership and communications.

In a recent interview with the New York Times, Peter Löscher, the president and chief executive of Siemens and a former college athlete, discussed the most essential components of succeeding as a leader and in building high-performing teams: trust and a blank slate. Here's how he articulated it:

"Business is about lining up a leadership team or a group of people and you rally them behind a cause or a certain direction. But the underlying strength is the trust within the team – so that you actually are no longer just playing individually at your best, but you're also trying to understand what you can do to make the team better."

Have you come across leaders that place a premium on trust? What do their organizations look like?

Löscher also shared his approach when taking the helm of the company.

"The most important thing is, when you arrive somewhere new, that you come in without a preset agenda. I didn't join Siemens with a leadership team in mind. I'm just the 12th C.E.O. in the history of the company, which was founded in 1847. So the culture of the company was actually formed over a long period of time, through longevity of leadership. So for me the important thing was to come in and say Siemens doesn't need a revolution. We will go for an evolution but with speed, speed, speed."

In addition to an open mind, we think Löscher also displays another important trait for leaders: humility. He clearly understands what Siemens values in its leadership and culture.


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