Keeping Your Team's Focus in Summertime

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When we think of employees unplugging themselves from the workplace, it's the end-of-year holidays that come to mind. But unlike the holidays, summertime spans three months and can require a more disciplined approach to ensure your team is on track and that commitments are being met. 
Here are three ways to keep your team focused on your most-pressing goals even when some of the group is enjoying a summer getaway:
1. Create a calendar. Post a group calendar online or in a shared document that lets the entire staff know who will be gone and when.
2. Establish backup plans. Pair up team members to serve as backup for each other when their respective vacations occur. Do this early on so there's plenty of time for the staffers to become familiar with key projects and responsibilities. This can also be a terrific opportunity to cross-train your team.
3. Confirm dates and plans. Take a few minutes in each weekly staff meeting to confirm vacation dates and your backup plans.
When summer is over, review with your team to capture feedback. Ask: Did team members feel adequately prepared for their backup duties? Did anything fall through the cracks? Were internal clients satisfied with levels of service they received from your group? What can be done better next year?

Summer is a time for relaxing and enjoying time outdoors. By taking steps to ensure things are under control at work, you and your team can get the most out of your time away. 


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