Keep 'Em Honest: How to Prevent Lying in the Workplace

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Let’s face it. Telling the truth isn’t always easy.

It can be uncomfortable and scary when it comes to certain situations at work. In fact, lying on the job is pretty common these days, according to a recent poll by my firm, Dulye & Co. Participants reported that the prevalence of lying has increased over the past five years, and among the biggest factors driving employees to dodge the truth are fear of reprisal and leadership behavior.Fingers crossed
The worst lies recalled by my select survey group delivered big personal blows, like loss of reputation, a job or even worse.
I think the worst lie is that my job is safe.” (given today’s economy, this response was echoed by many)
A manager telling you that they stand for your success, when all other actions show they care more about their own success than yours.
The worst lie would be one that discredits a fellow employee or places their employment in jeopardy."
And then there was this eye-opening comment from a former military leader: “The worst lie would be one where I made a decision based upon false or incomplete information given to me that results in someone’s death or injury.



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