Is it Time to Dust Off Your Staff Development Plan?

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Most employees have development goals on their performance plans but in the breakneck pace of most workplaces these days, development slips from a priority to a nice-to-have. Freshness leaf

The mid-year point is a terrific opportunity to revisit those goals with each team member and see how they can use the summer downtime to attend training courses or take on a challenging assignment.

Here's a game plan for breathing life into flagging development plans:

  1. Attend seminars or conferences. You don't need to pay for a pricey out-of-town conference. Look to industry or association Web sites for upcoming courses or events in your area. Also, ask your HR or training group for any internal options.


  2. Click to online courses. Send your team to training without leaving the office. Web-based training or seminars are a powerful and cost-effective way to develop your staff. Again, your HR or OD departments might be able to point you toward online resources that the company has already purchased.


  3. Go old school. One of the most inexpensive development options is to read a book. Encourage your team to pickup titles that can broaden their skills, sharpen a specific knowledge area, or inspire them to take on a leadership role. Use your training and development budget to fund these books. It's an inexpensive investment in your team's future.



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