Introducing Ask Linda, the First iPhone App For Corporate Communicators

Linda Dulye's picture
“Congratulations on launching the first internal comms iPhone app!!”
That was the entirety of an email we received from Rick S. shortly after we launched Ask Linda, our free application for Apple iPhone and iPod Touch users, offering a direct connection to all of your valued Dulye & Co. resources. 
We are always on the lookout for forward-thinking methods of improving internal communications and supporting 2-way dialogue within client organizations and developing an iPhone app made sense. After all, urgent questions and pressing issues often don’t arrive while we’re sitting in front of our computers.
Ask Linda's user-friendly interface also allows you to post questions and receive responses to your corporate communication challenges directly from me -- all from the convenience of your iPhone or iPod Touch.
Don’t have one of these devices? Soon the application will be available on other mobile devices, PDAs and smart phones. And, once you activate the app on your iPhone or iPod Touch you’ll gain direct access to Dulye & Co. podcasts, blogs and our other valuable Web resources. 
So the next time you face a communications question or challenge, remember: there's an App for that!


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