Case Studies

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Improved Communications to Reach Business Goals

Ingersoll-Rand hired Dulye & Co. to help introduce new internal communications vehicles and processes across all IR businesses in more than 100 facilities around the world.

Our approach was 2-pronged: We started by teaching Effective 2-Way Communications™ Courses for top managers, where they were trained in skills such as effective listening, how to give and get feedback, and encouraging dialogue. This has led to better and more face-to-face communications and an elevated understanding of company values and strategies (see table: "Ingersoll-Rand's 2-way Communications Course Feedback.")

We also helped Ingersoll-Rand introduce new internal communications vehicles for managers, such as an online manager's toolkit. This toolkit is updated monthly, and offers managers in 15 different businesses direct communications guidance with the Communications Compass, and Tipsheets that help promote site-specific targeted messages.

2-way Communications Model Surmounts Communications Challenges

To help Ingersoll-Rand get past the communications challenges listed below, we introduced them to Dulye & Co.'s 2-way Communications Model - developed to involve all levels of an organization in the communications process, from top management to associates and with particular emphasis on front-line supervisors. The model is not simply a product or function. Instead, it is process-driven - integrating communications into all business operations.

Today's Communications Challenges

  • Poor senior management communications and visibility.
  • Mixed, conflicting messages; little cross-department communications.
  • One-way, top-down, sporadic communications.
  • Poor competencies and low accountability for sharing information and staying informed.
  • Unclear communications regarding business goals and strategies.
  • 2-way Communications Model Overview

Baseline Assessment 

Real performance data on how and what Ingersoll-Rand communicates was obtained through quantitative and qualitative research conducted by Dulye & Co. of current communications performance (practices, processes, products, people).

Endorsed Strategy

With guidance from Dulye & Co., Ingersoll-Rand then developed a strategic plan to improve communications based on the assessment results and their business strategy. The company involved employees and management at all levels in creating the organization's strategic communications plan.

Key Messages 

We then helped Ingersoll-Rand create key messages so employees could see and understand the big picture by connecting the dots between day-to-day responsibilities and team and company achievements. The goal was to eliminate variation in messaging processes and build organizational knowledge about the business plan and performance.

Disciplined Process 

Our firm then helped integrate the process into Ingersoll-Rand's organizational practices and structure to promote continuous, unfiltered, 2-way communication about priorities, requirements and business/personal performance.

Common Tools 

Managers at all levels were next provided with structured support and tools developed by Dulye & Co. to build business knowledge and communications competencies.

Measurement System 

We then put structured metrics in place to evaluate progress on key performance factors. This data was collected on an on-going basis with results communicated throughout the company.

Dulye & Co.'s 2-way Communications initiatives are helping Ingersoll-Rand realize business goals and harness its workforce potential through improved communications. We can do the same for you and your company.