Huddle Up to Keep Team Connected

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team huddle.jpgPerhaps you've heard there's a big football game set for Feb. 6 outside Dallas?

One of the most common activities in this and every gridiron matchup can be used -- without helmets and pads, of course -- to keep your team in sync and on target. It's the huddle.

In football, the huddle allows each team member to hear the plan for the next play, share strategies and work toward the ultimate goal.

Your team would benefit from a similar approach two or three times a week. Here are some quick tips for huddles that work:

  1. Put them on the calendar. Block out 10 minutes on, say, Tuesday and Thursday so your team understands this is part of your communications game plan.
  2. Keep them informal. The purpose is to give everyone a chance to ask questions, provide updates that would be of interest to the group and seek help for a challenging project.
  3. Have fun. Don't squash a lively discussion of last night's "American Idol." Instead, let it help build camaraderie among the team. Huddles don't need a strict business-focused agenda.
  4. Get feedback. Ask each team member if they get value from the huddles. If they aren't, ask why and look for way to make them more meaningful.



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