How to Deliver a Great State of the Business Address

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Biz Presentation.jpgLast week President Obama delivered his first State of the Union address and it got us thinking about how important a similar speech can be for an organization – particularly during uncertain times.

Here’s a five-step approach to preparing and delivering a state of the business address that resonates with and revs up your team:

  1. Make it accessible to everyone. Don’t make it a managers-only speech or headquarters only. Tie as many people as possible into the event through conference calls and Webcasts.


  2. Weave in stories. Avoid clichés and buzzwords. Use visuals and images. Talk in plain language and simplify it. Share stories and anecdotes from your conversations with key customers.


  3. Enable immediate discussion. Get people to talk about it. Encourage employees to talk about it in staff meetings, in the break room or online via internal blogs. Also, prepare talking points for managers to use in team meetings.


  4. Get real-time feedback. How did the presentation “play”? Don’t wait and wonder. Find out immediately by having employees take three minutes to fill out a comment card.


  5. Build momentum. If you want to get people onboard, remember the old adage: seeing is believing. Use a scorecard or some other visual representation to show how the organization is progressing against goals you’ve articulated in the speech.

Sharing your vision for the organization’s long- and short-term future is vital to energize and motivate your workforce. Looking for tips to improve your employee meetings this year? Attend our complimentary Webinar: Go from Road Show to Rave Show: Practical Techniques that Raise the Bar on Executive Town Halls on Tuesday, February 16, 2010 at 11 a.m. ET. Click here to learn more.


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