Before the Holiday Rush, Tie Up Loose Ends from 2011

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What happened to fall?

I’m one of those shivering Northeast residents – hit by a Halloween weekend snow storm and power outages – who is asking that question while breaking out shovels, rock salt and heavy boots that I thought had another month of storage.
Just as the seasons are racing by, so are 2011’s work days.
For all intents and purposes, there are five, maybe six, productive weeks remaining this year. Thanksgiving is right around the corner and December festivities are not far behind. That means employee engagement is approaching a weak point due to an increasing distraction levels inside and outside of the office.
Don’t fret. Instead, take advantage of these pre-holiday weeks to elevate your team’s focus on year-end tasks such as meeting operational objectives, achieving customer deadlines and refining budgets. Make time to meet as a collective team to recalibrate everyone’s focus on year-end goals, expected outcomes and current performance levels.  Schedule a focused meeting – not a routine, run-around-the-circle staff meeting. Call it by a different name, such as ‘Year-in-Review Discussion Session,’ so that expectations and behavior change for the meeting.
Before bringing staffers together develop an agenda to keep discussions focused, personalities in check and minutes wisely spent. Here are five guideposts to ensure you’re on the right track:



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