Developing the Manager-as-Communicator

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As the economy continues to struggle and uncertainty climbs in the workplace, the only way for managers to motivate employees today is more money, right?  Wrong.

New research of 212,000 (U.S.) government employees tout what Dulye & Co. has been advising its clients for years – money isn’t the top motivator.  What is? Straight talk from their manager.

The  2009 study, conducted by Partnership for Public Service, identified a manager’s effective communications—how well he or she shares information with direct reports—as the key differentiator for creating a best place to work. Open communications outranked pay and benefits.

“The study, which was widely reported in key media like the Washington Post, validates what we have been measuring for more than 11 years,” says Linda Dulye, president of Dulye & Co.  “More money doesn’t equate to better morale or better performance.  Motivating and retaining good employees all comes down to having a capable manager who can share timely information and listen.  It’s all about trusted leadership, a good communications process and maintaining the discipline.”

Dulye & Co. research also show that, more often than not, the layer of middle management in most organizations is better skilled at filtering and blocking communication rather than facilitating it.  Our Spectator-Free Workplace ™ model provides the game plan for converting managers to key communicators, and fully leveraging this powerful resource in an organization.

Learn more about what you can do to energize and engage managers at all levels—from front-line supervisors to executives—by listening to Linda’s two recent podcasts, located on our website.



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