Going Viral Behind the Firewall: A Dulye & Co. Whitepaper

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When you hear about viral communication, it's usually a YouTube video that gathers steam as friends pass it on or is mentioned on newscasts. But it doesn't have to be a funny video involving piano-playing birds. Viral communication can have tremendous impact on organizational communications.

By definition, a viral communication is information that gets passed around informally -- the message could originate with mass distribution, but its defining quality is the way it is then forwarded from friend to friend or colleague to colleague as an item of interest. 
Viral communication almost always involves authentic, compelling content of some sort. The term viral is usually associated with video, or a series of pictures -- something easily digestible and then passed around, featuring content that is remarkably interesting or topical, raw -- or even shocking -- and that grabs the reader's (or viewer's) attention immediately.
Do you know how to create viral communication? Have you wondered how to instill your communications with that certain infectious quality that moves them to pass it on to friends and colleagues? Most importantly, how are viral communications created inside the walls of a company, behind the firewall?
Learn more about developing effective viral communications for the corporate communication environment by downloading our whitepaper, Going Viral Behind the Firewall.


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