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At Dulye & Co., we are passionate about helping our clients achieve their business goals through a Spectator-Free Workplace. We are also driven to make a difference in our community. That's why we've always been active in giving a voice to the voiceless through our proud support of animal shelters and rescue organizations. Beyond our generous financial support, we provide counsel on ways to use communications to increase public awareness and support of their noble causes.

We believe in giving back. We're proud to do so.

Recently, our Chief Operating Officer, Roger Gibboni, extended the reach of our firm's philanthropic efforts well beyond the boundaries of the U.S. into the Caribbean island nation of Grenada.

In 2004, Hurricane Ivan ravaged Grenada and especially hard hit were the hospitals that citizens rely on every day -- and even more so during a catastrophe. Through Roger's involvement with the Warwick Valley Rotary Club, Dulye & Co. was able to help rebuild the Princess Alice Hospital located in the St. Andrews Parish.

"Hurricane Ivan destroyed the Princess Alice Hospital," Roger said. "It's an open-air hospital to begin with and the hurricane took the roof right off. Our Rotary club committed to rebuilding the roof over the women's wing of the hospital, but eventually led a total rebuild of the facility -- including beds, medications, and equipment."

A Rotarian for more than 15 years, Roger had been involved in fundraising and project management for the Princess Alice reconstruction but took his support to another level when he visited Grenada in May. "I took a trip to the island to check on the progress of the rebuild and ensure we were on track," he said. "Overall, it's still a pretty tough environment there, but this hospital will make a significant difference for the residents of St. Andrews Parish."

In addition the hospital project, the Warwick Valley Rotary Club raised $130,000 for a modern TV and video system to be used in neighborhood clinics, for communicating tips on preventative health care. "At first I was skeptical about providing this high-tech equipment when there seemed to be other things we could fund," he said. "But the majority of population in Grenada can't read and video is a highly effective communication tool for citizens. Now, when a patient visits a neighborhood clinic, while waiting for an appointment they can learn about ways to prevent heart disease, HIV/AIDS and other serious issues."

The Warwick Valley Rotary Club renewed its grant to the East Grenada Rotary Club, continuing its support of the Princess Alice Hospital.

"Dulye & Co. deeply believes that businesses should play an active role in their community," Roger said. "By contributing time and resources to projects like Princess Alice Hospital as well as organizations in our local area, we know we're making at least a small difference in the lives of others."

Learn more about the Warwick Valley Rotary Club here.


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