Giving Back

At Dulye & Co., we are passionate about helping our clients achieve their business goals through a Spectator-Free Workplace. We are also driven to make a difference in our community. That's why we've always been active in giving a voice to the voiceless through our proud support of animal shelters and rescue organizations. Beyond our generous financial support, we provide counsel on ways to use communications to increase public awareness and support of their noble causes.

We believe in giving back. And we are proud to support these remarkable organizations:

Dulye Leadership Experience

With nearly 1,000 alumni and community members over its 12-year span, the Dulye Leadership Experience (DLE) is well-grounded in success. This premiere leadership development and networking program inspires young professionals from across America to enthusiastically and confidently contribute to the success of their company, community and personal career.

Developed by Linda Dulye and generously underwritten by her firm, Dulye & Co., the DLE offers unique opportunities to improve the critical skills and connections for leading people and projects. Both Linda and the program earned honors for creating impact as a 2019 winner of the prestigious Berkshire 25.

The program’s annual Gen Now Retreat delivers actionable strategies and gritty advice from a dynamic, diverse network of corporate executives, emerging entrepreneurs and respected thought leaders.

Supplementing this transformative symposium are year-long special events, online learning, expert coaching, and a nationwide alumni network.

The DLE started in 2008 in partnership with Syracuse University to provide training, coaching and an extensive professional network to help college graduates successfully transition into the workplace. The program’s signature leadership retreat debuted with its home base in the Berkshires.

In 2017, the DLE’s retreat shifted focus to motivated young professionals (generally under 40) feeling stuck and uncertain in their career progress—and hungry to hone core leadership skills and meaningful connections.

An impressive 80% of Gen Now participants step up in their companies and their communities within months of attending the retreat.

Backpack Snack Attack Program Dulye & Co. is a proud sponsor of the Backpack Snack Attack program in Warwick, NY. Our support enables 300 youngsters in the Warwick Valley, NY School District to have food every weekend. The program selects public school students in need, who then are provided backpacks and food for themselves and their siblings every weekend and over the summer. Started in 2009, the program provides 13-14 food items per child. Participants receive individually sized, ready-to-eat food items, which are packed in colorful backpack for students to take home on Fridays. The backpacks are returned on Mondays. 

If you would like to learn more and donate to this cause, please visit, 

The Boston Symphony Orchestra (BSO). The BSO reognizes Linda Dulye for her spirited volunteerism at Tanglewood. The BSO has performed throughout the United States, as well as in Europe, Japan, Hong Kong, South America, and China. Its summer season at Tanglewood is regarded as one of the world's most important music festivals. During the Tanglewood season, it sponsors the Tanglewood Music Center, one of the world's most important training grounds for young composers, conductors, instrumentalists, and vocalists. 

The Berkshire Humane Society
is a full-service, open-admission animal shelter serving western Massachusetts and nearby areas of New York, Vermont and Connecticut. Dulye & Co. sponsors two kennels in the new facility and sponsors its annual Bark in the Park walkathon, a major fundraising event.


Farm Sanctuary operates farm animal sanctuaries in New York and California and wages campaigns to stop the exploitation of animals raised for food. We are a major sponsor of Farm Sanctuary's signature fundraiser Gala for Farm Animals.

The Warwick Humane Society is committed to returning lost pets to their owners, advocating responsible pet ownership and finding good homes for lost, stray and abandoned pets and assist local law enforcement agencies in investigating animal cruelty cases. We support fundraising efforts and have adopted several animals from the organization as well.

Winslow Therapeutic Riding Center is a not-for-profit organization that offers therapeutic horseback riding for children and adults to improve their physical, cognitive, social and emotional well-being. Dulye & Co. sponsors three riding horses, Orion, a Belgium Chestnut gelding, Dot, a Chestnut and White Paint Mare, and Rusty, an Appendix Quarter Horse.

Animal Welfare League operates the only humane society on the south side of Chicago. Their shelter operates in an economically depressed area and provides valuable services to residents in the area such as shelter and care to homeless and needy animals, low cost clinic services to pet owners on a limited income and no-charge monthly pet food distribution. We support their fundraising efforts to rehabilitate dogs rescued from dog-fighting rings. We're happy to report they've all since been placed in loving homes!

Take a few moments to learn about the work these groups are doing to help animals and people. We think you'll see why we've dedicated our support to them and their respective cause. If you're interested in supporting any of these organizations, please contact them directly and be sure to say you heard about them from Dulye & Co.