Get Rid of Stale Survey Data With Instant Insight ™

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What’s keeping your workforce from giving their best?

You  can’t afford to wait 12 months for an employee survey to tell you. Rapidly  gauge the attitude and actions of your organization with Dulye & Co.'s Instant  Insight™.

This unique measurement program goes beyond any survey  software by delivering hard results, simple analysis and actionable approaches  for improving performance lags.  No  lost time on cumbersome analytics, demographic sorts and statistical reviews.

Instant  Insight™ frees you to focus on what matters—corrective  actions that get your workforce on track.

Here’s  how:

  • Questions that matter: Customized by the dynamics of your workplace and pressing goals. We combine multiple choice and open-ended questions to assess workforce knowledge and engagement.   Questions are packaged into easy-to-navigate polls that take about a minute to complete. 
  • Fast, user-friendly collection: Through the use of SharePoint platforms and web portals, we rapidly collect feedback, regardless of where associates work.  Our polling is inviting, not intimidating—leading to record participation, not survey fatigue.
  • Clutter-free reporting: One-stop packaging transports data reports from executive reviews to front-line huddles without rework. Colorful, clean graphs make it easy to read and understand overall results, demographic trends and performance highs/lows.
  • On-demand dashboard: A good data report is simple, clear and easy to use. Instant Insight’s™ online dashboards do just that – on-demand – through a simple link to a secure portal.

Click on image to view more dashboard features. 

What can Instant Insight™ do for you? Listen. Learn. Respond. Connect! That’s what a major health care client did when introducing a new business strategy with the help of Instant Insight™. Frequent polls conducted during a multi-site, executive “road show” surfaced worker concerns and resistance that leaders directly addressed and mitigated. Data dashboards made it possible to move ahead with employee support. Seize the benefits now of real-time feedback! Contact us about Instant Insight™.

Contact Bev Pierce at Dulye & Co., or 708-788-6204. 


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