Get Ready for the 2010 Executive Roadshow Ramp-up

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Semi Truck.jpgAs holiday travelers return home, executives and other leaders are gearing up for a mad-dash of site visits and Town Hall Meetings with employees. The Executive Roadshow Season gives leaders an opportunity to share the organization’s plans for the new year. Of course, these meetings don’t just happen; they require hours of thought, planning and coordination.

In our experience with Executive Roadshow meetings, we’ve found one success factor that never fails: involve employees in the planning and execution.

Here’s how employees can drive a successful event in three key phases:

  • Before. If you’re having an on-site meeting, let an employee team act as your set designers. No one knows meeting rooms as well as the employees that attend sessions there. Engage employees to determine the appropriate room layout and audio-visual requirements. More important, avoid an awkward – and silent – start to Q&A by having employees identify ahead of time peers that can ask questions.
  • During. Give a member of the employee team a chance to introduce the executives and, later, allow them to facilitate the Q&A session by selecting employees to ask pre-determined questions.
  • After. As the meeting ends, rely on your employee team to distribute and collect a feedback form. If possible, don’t let folks leave the room without giving three minutes of their time to complete a feedback form. Show the employee team that they’re more than a pair of hands, allow them to participate in analyzing the feedback results. On-site employees understand the most-burning issues at their location and can help provide insight on why the feedback came in as it did

One final tip – apart from the employee team’s support: Don’t lose the messaging shared in the Town Hall Meeting. Keep managers and supervisors in sync for the long term by providing regular updates and talking points. This will keep the themes and goals fresh and top of mind all year long.

For more, listen to our SFW Podcast episode on this topic.


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