Get a Jumpstart on Your 2011 Workplace Resolutions

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Focus.jpgIn a few weeks we'll be deluged with stories on TV and online about new year's resolutions. Morning TV shows will rollout the experts on how to stick to that diet, stay on target at the gym or quit smoking. You know the drill.

Jump ahead of the game and start identifying and implementing your workplace resolutions before January 1. Here are some ideas for new habits that can help make you a better communicator and a more trusted leader:

  1. Conduct more effective meetings. Good meetings happen by design, not by luck. Think back to some of the best and worst meetings you've been a part of in 2010. What stood out -- good or bad? Spend some time designing meetings, whether project updates, staff huddles or one-on-ones, that are engaging and productive. Do you have the right people in your meetings? Are the sessions scheduled for when they are needed or set for once a week no matter what? Of course, don't forget to ask for your team's input on meetings.


  2. Set aside time to think. The old adage "can't see the forest for the trees" is truer than many of us want to admit. After all, we've got work to do, deadlines to meet, customers to satisfy. Nevertheless, we can't accomplish all those things without a higher-level perspective on our workload and strategy. Do yourself a favor, jump off the fast track for an hour each week and give yourself a moment to think.


  3. Send personal notes. The next time you want to pass along thanks for a job well done, push away the keyboard and pull out a piece of paper. We coach managers to write three handwritten notes weekly that recognize managers and employees for their ideas, comments and questions. Use the TEAK framework -- Thanks, Encouragement and Kudos -- for crafting notes that make an impact.


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