Four Tips to Re-engage Your Team After the Holidays

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team huddle.jpgThe holidays are now in the rearview mirror but employees often struggle to get back into the groove at work. Everyone needs a bit of ramp-up time after a few days away from the office, but in today’s environment the need to re-engage quickly is essential. Here are four tips to get your team focused and ready for action in 2010:

  1. Regroup. Conduct a team meeting during your first week back after the holiday break.

  2. Reflect. Start the meeting with some small talk. Ask team members to reflect and share one highlight from the holidays.

  3. Reconnect. Remind team members on where they were as a group before the holidays. What key projects were under way, what key issues at hand? This discussion might surface new ideas to lingering problems or issues.

  4. Recalibrate. Now focus the team on its mission, goals and priorities for the new year. Ask each team member to complete the statement: Our team's purpose in 2010 is ... Then use the feedback to get folks on the same page and clear about what the team needs to accomplish in 2010. Be sure to discuss any key operational or organizational changes that take effect in 2010 – particularly any new policies or procedures – and how the team should prepare for them.

Finally, plan to have a second team meeting before the month is over. It's critical that your team is clear, not confused, on what the new year truly brings in their job responsibilities and their team's purpose.

For more, listen to our SFW Podcast episode on this topic.


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