Five Ways to Seize 2012 Goals Right Now

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All the hustle and pressure from holiday shopping, cooking, entertaining and over-indulging reigns supreme. As a result, most of us enter the New Year feeling utterly exhausted and, often times, go back to work with a post-holiday hangover.

That’s not exactly the ideal mental or physical state for re-engaging employees when they return to work in January. That’s why it’s so important to make the time and have a game plan to get your team back on track and restore the momentum you had before the holiday frenzy.

You need to move quickly – don’t procrastinate on this action. Of course everyone needs a little ramp-up time after a few days away from the office, but in this economic climate, losing ground can mean the difference between having an edge – or losing it.
So make sure you use January to get team members into the groove of seeing and seizing 2012 goals.
Here are five ways to get your team moving forward:

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